What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let see what is affiliate marketing is :

Previously some years back, many companies used to sell their products to customers through distributors and some ads on the TV. So these products reached customers with the help of these Ads. Here companies used to spend a lot of Money on making Ads on TV. 

But In recent days, the time has changed everything. People who have internet can know how to sell the products to customers directly with many platforms and grow their business.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a promoting method of other companies’ products and helps sell the products to customers and earn commissions to the sales you made.

what is affiliate marketing

Here, people selling their products in the Affiliate program are called Merchants or Vendors and who promote their products are called Publishers or Affiliates.

Nowadays, every company has its own affiliate program to promote their products, like Amazon, eBay, CJ, and JVZOO…

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to make money online. A lot of people made 6 and 7 figures of the amount in these affiliate marketing.

How to make Affiliate Marketing

First, look for the company in which you want to promote their products. Then sign up for the Affiliate program. If the company accepts your request, then you will get an affiliate link to promote their Products. 

For example, if you have a blog and writing an article on A2 hosting. Then simply keep the affiliate link with the A2 hosting. If someone visits your site and click on your affiliate link and if visitors buy the product through your affiliate link, you will get a commission. 

You can promote the products by creating blogs or websites and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

How Publishers get Money

When someone buy the product through your affiliate link, you will get a commission. This Money will be paid through Paypal or Payoneer. From these accounts, you can directly transfer the Money to your bank account.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing


  • Pros of Affiliate marketing
  • Most of the companies have free signup, so you are not spending more Money for the product. But to promote the product, you required a website. For creating a website, you need hostings like BlueHost, A2 Hosting, or Siteground. For buying hosting, you need minimum investment.
  • You can work and promote the products from everywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.
  • If you are consistent and successful, affiliate marketing is a Passive Income. You can earn Money while you sleep.


  • Some people say that there are no cons in affiliate marketing, but in my view, it has some. 
  • Getting Traffics is a bid hard, making the traffic to buying the product is a bit tough
  • If you choose the wrong product, you won’t get sales.
  •  Picking the high competition niche to promote.

IS Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

No Affiliate marketing is not a scam because affiliate marketing is doing by many affiliates and earning 7 plus figure.

IS Affiliate Marketing a MLM or Network Marketing?

No, Affiliate marketing is not a MLM scheme or Network Marketing.

Network Marketing/MLM

  • In Network Marketing people sell the products to customers directly.
  • in this they ask the people add the people or join the members in theteam
  • they ask the money for joining the team.

Affiliate Marketing

  • In Affiliate marketing we sale the product to the customers by giving some reviews.
  • Here we don’t add people to join under our team.
  • Here we don’t ask any money from the customers.

Now we will see how to start Affiliate marketing in step by step.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing 

Before I said that, to promote affiliate products, you need a website. Before creating a website, you have to pick a niche. 

Best niches for Affiliate marketing are Health and Fitness, Finance, Fashion 

Health is a big market to promote products. If you check the Clickbank, you can find the number of best products to promote health-related products.

Choose the best niche which you are interested in and don’t choose the niche based on other interest.

First Step Choosing a niche:

Some best niches are as follows:

1.Health and Fitness: Health and Fitness is a broad niche go for a micro-niche.

2. Hobbies and interest

3. Finance

4. Wealth and Money

Second Step- Keyword research:

In Semrush if we check for the keyword Affiliate Marketing it shows global volume as 219.5k and Keyword difficulty is 79%.

I use Semrush for keyword research. In keyword research, I checked about weight loss. You can see it has a high volume. Nearly 474.0K people searched for the keyword Weight loss. If we see keyword difficulty is 92% and CPC is $2.57. So it’s a high competitive keyword. Always go for low competition keywords for better results.

Third Step-Create a website :

To create a website A domain is required. we can buy domain from godaddy or namecheap

Domain name should be good and must to be able to spell it. It has to pass the phone test. should not use numbers or special characters in the middle of domain.

 Now buy hosting from Blue Host, SiteGround, A2 hosting or Green geeks

Then install WordPress on your site and install a theme (Generatepress or Affiliate Booster) to look your website neat.

Now write a high-quality article based on your product and add your affiliate link on your site.

Now Promote the website to get the traffic.

Promoting the Affiliate Product :

Now you have to promote the Affiliate products by paid ads or freely.

If you want to promote the products through paid ads, you can promote through Facebook ads, google ads, or bing ads.

If you want to promote freely, you can promote through Youtube, Instagram, FB Page, or group.

When you are promoting the affiliate products, you have to mention the affiliate disclaimer.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the best way to promote affiliate products. Nowadays, many affiliates are making email marketing to increase their sales.

Let see how to make it

Make a landing page on your website and collect the emails from subscribers.

How to add Email Subscribers :

  1. Create an account in Convertkit, Mailerlite, or Convertful.
  2. Add website to Convertful
  3. Connect Convertful with WordPress Plugin
  4. Now choose where you want to display on the site.

How you send to mails to Subs:

 Create an account in Mailchimp

Connect Mailchimp with convertful and integrate it. Then send emails to subscribers.

You can promote the products by making videos or articles :

product reviews: Green geeks or SiteGround review

Giving a detailed review of the product to the customer and making the customer understand the product, and he/she has to buy the product.

product comparisons: Convertkit vs Convertful

Giving the best details in comparing the products like saying pros and cons in it.

Making Coupons: By making Coupons also you can promote Affiliate products.

Alternatives: giving details on alternatives of one product, for example, alternatives of Google Adsense.

Best Affiliate Marketers in India who are earning 6 to 7 figure income are like 

One of my best Affiliate Marketer is Kulwant Nagi from Bloggingcage.com

Learned so much knowledge from Anil Agarwal From bloggerspassion.com

Harsh Agarwal From ShoutmeLoud.com

Conclusion :

 If you want to make money, online affiliate marketing is the best method. But its not a quick rich process. You have to work smart.

All the best.