Here I’ll share how to start a blog and make money with full complete details.

Everyone wants to learn to blog, if you are interested to learn blogging and want to make money, you are in the right place. Just try to learn blogging as a career or like a business but not as a hobby or like part-time. 

In recent days a number of blogs are created and increasing their count day by day but don’t think that blogging has become a very tough competition or blog is dead. You Can have your own blog with your own thoughts and you can make some money.

Don’t Start a blog to make money in mind. Start a blog as a passion and passion will bring you money.

So here I’ll share simple steps about How to start a blog and make money through it.

Before starting first think about what is a blog? , Why you want to start blogging?

So if you are clear and perfect with your answers you can start a blog. So in my case why I started a blog because:

  It will give some time freedom, 

We can earn money if our blog goes on big. 

It makes to think about new ideas

Improve your Skills.

How To Start A Blog and make money in 2021 Step by step

1.Choose a Perfect Niche you are interested 

This is the First step and a very important step in blogging. Your success in blogging depends based on the niche you selected. There are a number of niches in the market choose carefully in which niche you are interested and have a passion for it.

If you select a wrong niche by seeing your friends or other successful bloggers, your blog will end within a few months because of a lack of knowledge in that niche.

Don’t Start a blog by mixing all niches in zigzag and don’t make your audience confuse.

Everyone while starting have a big doubt about which niche has to select.

Here ill give you some niches you can check with your skills.

Best Niches

     1. Health and Fitness

     2. Pets 

    3. Dating and Relationships

    4. Wealth

    5. Hostings 

    6. Gaming

    7. Real estate

   8. Gadgets and Technology

   9. Food
10. Lifestyle

These are few examples of niches in this they have micro Niches. Always try to go with the Micro niches.

You may get a doubt about what is micro-niche?

 Here ill give you an example. Health is a Niche and in the Health, Weight loss is micro-niche.

So Choose the correct niche based on your Knowledge and passion.

2.Select a Perfect Domain For your Blog

Selecting a perfect domain is a key role in blogging. While you are picking a domain always remember to pick a short, specific, and easily rememberable.

Remember while picking your domain :

Remember while picking your domain :

1. Domain should be short and sweet

2. Always go for dot (.) Com domain

3. Don’t use any numbers in the domain. 

Select a domain registers like Godaddy, Namecheap or you can get Domain.

3. Start a Blog With WordPress or Blogger

   Here every new blogger has a doubt to start a blog with wordpress or blogger. In a few words, I’ll clear your doubt.

If you are new and Don’t have money to invest in the blogging go for blogger learn and earn something then after earning shift to wordpress.

Think of blogging as a business and if you want to start a business you have to invest in the business in the same way here in blogging you have to invest money for better results.

In my view, WordPress is the best Platform to blog.

4. Choose Best Hosting For Your Blog

      Here in the blogging market, there are a number of hosting providers. Picking correct hosting is another key role for your blog. If you choose the wrong hosting it will affect your blog loading speed and also SEO.

The best hostings I can prefer are A2 Hosting, Bluehost, and Greengeeks.

Here I’m going to say about Blue Host. Why BlueHost because there are some reasons for it.

Why BlueHost

1. Having high-speed servers

2. User-friendly and beginner-friendly

3. Very good customer support

4. SSL certificates

5. High security.

Click on

How to start a blog and make money


Now choose the plans which you desire.

Now choose a plan and click on the select button.

In the next step Enter your domain name and click next button

Now create an account with your full name, address, phone, and email.

Now check your plan of hosting. You have 12, 24, 36 months plans. Based on your interest you can choose your account plan. Then pay the bill with your Credit card.

Registration Completed Successfully.

How to start a blog and make money with BlueHost check here

Now install WordPress for that you have to check your Bluehost email, click on the link sent by Bluehost for c-panel.

Now login to the c-panel of Bluehost and install the WordPress. WordPress is an easy and friendly user. Simply you can work on it.

Wordpress dashboard

Now delete all the default pages and blog posts.

5. Choose the Best Theme for your blog

Now it’s time to choose the best theme which SEO-friendly one.

To install theme CLick on Appearance 

Next click on the THEMES section

You can browse a number of themes or You can add the best theme if you have one.

Some of the well known best, fast, and SEO friendly themes are :

            1. Generatepress

            2. Astra Pro

            3. Affiliate Booster 

6. Install Essential Plugins for your Blog

      Some plugins are necessary for SEO, speed and security purpose.

Here are some essential plugins:

      1.Classic Editor:

If you are a beginner classic editor will be useful for you.

     2. Rank Math:

RankMath is the SEO plugin which helps in SEO of your posts. Some people use the Yoast plugin also, but in my view, RankMath is a good one.

     Table of Content: 

This plugin will add your H1, H2, H3 headings starting of your page. 

     (Note: If you have an Affiliate booster theme no need for a Table of the content plugin )

   Thrive Architect:

Thrive Architect best tool for creating homepages, lead pages, and posts.

    WP Rocket: 

Wp Rocket is the most essential plugin, it’s a cache plugin. It will make your site load faster.

    Contact Form:

contact form plugin helps to create a contact page for your blog. So that anyone can contact you.

7. Create Important Pages to your Blog

  About page: 

       Here in this page you can add about your basic information and about your blog. So that your audience can know about you.

Privacy Policy:

   Here you can write about what information you are taking from the visitors, you can also write about affiliate disclosures.

 In the internet market a number of privacy policy generators are available you can use them.

Contact Page:

    Through this page visitors can contact you.

Terms and Condition:


Here in this, you can write about the terms and conditions of your blog.

Now It’s time to write your awesome first blog post, but before that, you have to decide on what topic you want to write the post. So for that, you have to do Keyword Research.

8. Keyword Research:

In Semrush if we check for the keyword Affiliate Marketing it shows global volume as 219.5k and the Keyword difficulty is 79%.

I use Semrush for keyword research. In keyword research, I checked about weight loss. You can see it has a high volume. Nearly 474.0K people searched for the keyword Weight loss. If we see keyword difficulty is 92% and CPC is $2.57. So it’s a high competitive keyword. Always go for low competition keywords for better results.

Always use long Tail Keywords, so that the article will rank a good position.

9.Write your First Blog Post

        To write your first post Click on the  Posts section and Add New. Then start writing the SEO friendly article based on your keyword research. 

Write the article by using Headings, sub-headings H1,H2,H3…

While writing check the keyword placement in the article. The keyword should be placed 


Keyword Placement

1. In the Title of the post

2. Headings of the post

3. In the First Paragraph

4. In the meta description,

After completing you can check the preview of the post. If you are ok with the post then you can publish the post by clicking on the publish button. 

Now you have successfully published the first post.

10. Drive Traffic To Your Blog

       This is the most important step in blogging, without any traffic to your blog you can’t earn money through it.  So you have to Promote your blog so that you can get traffic to your blog.

Here are some methods that you can promote your blog.


Facebook is the best place to promote your blog. Create a page or group related to your niche and add your blog post to it. Then promote the facebook page or group to drive traffic to your blog.


Quora is the most important method used by so many bloggers to drive traffic. Quora is the big place to get a lot of traffic to your blog.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing nowadays has become a more popular method to drive traffic to your blog and also to get some sales when you promote some products. 

11.How To Earn Money From Your Blog

 Every new blogger has a doubt in mind how to make money from blogging. There are some proven methods to earn money through blogging. They are as follows.

Google Adsense: 

      Everyone wants to monetise their blog through Google Adsense. To get approval from adsense you have to follow their Privacy policy methods strictly.

 Number of bloggers earning a decent revenue from Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing: 

   What is Affiliate marketing? How to do it Check here  

    This is the best method, nowadays so many bloggers are doing affiliate marketing and getting some decent revenue through it.

   To get revenue from affiliate marketing you have to sign up for affiliate programs of any products and  start promoting on your blog. If any one buy that product you will get Commission for it.

   Alternatives of Google Adsense:

          If your blog was rejected from google adsense approval. You can try alternatives of Google Adsense.


      Pop Ads


  Sell Your Own Products:

      If you are a expert in SEO, Youtube or if you have any digital products, ebooks you can sell them and earn revenue from your blog.

12. Conclusion: 

       So here I shared Some knowledge about what I know and What I learned. I think this may help you to start a blog. 

     Don’t start a blog with money in mind, start a blog as a passion . Money follows passion and ultimately you will get money. Why I’m saying this is because If we start a blog with money minded we will make a lot of mistakes. 

Congrats Now you got some points to start a blog, 

Last But not least “ Stop Thinking – Take Action”.

If this article (How to start a blog and make money) helpful to you, please share and comment.