Affiliate Booster Theme Review

If you are a blogger or working on Affiliate Marketing. I think you came across a word called Affiliate Booster. What is this Affiliate Booster? Affiliate Booster Is a WordPress theme that was developed by Kulwant Nagi. 

Who is Kulwant Nagi?

Kulwant Nagi is a top most Blogger and affiliate marketer in India. Who started his blogging career in 2012.

Why am I  Giving a review on Affiliate Booster Theme?  Because the Affiliate Booster theme is the best theme for affiliate marketers who are going to promote their products through affiliate marketing.

Does this Affiliate Booster theme really help Affiliate marketers? Then here in this Affiliate Booster Theme Review, we will discuss deep about the Affiliate Booster theme and also about Plugin.

Best Features Of Affiliate Booster Theme

Best Features Of Affiliate Booster Theme :

 Super Fast Loading
 Schema Optimised WordPress theme
 Best Typography controls
Excellent Color Controls
Disclaimer Option
Author Biocontrol
Mobile Responsive
Elementor and Gutenberg Compatible Theme
Best Affiliate Booster Plugin
Excellent Google SEO Score.
Global Button Settings
12 Home Page/Archive Layouts

i) Super Fast Loading:

 If your website wants to rank on top of the google page your website has to load very fast. So to overcome that problem you have to use Affiliate Booster theme. I checked and tested  my site with Affiliate Booster theme Speed and performance.

I used GTMetrix to test my Site. Here is the test result of my site with Affiliate Booster Theme.

GTMetrix Grade is ‘A’, Performance is 96

Web vitals of GTMetrix as Follows:

   LCP – 1.25

TBT – 0

CLS – 0.03

So in the Speed test Affiliate Booster Theme performing is excellent.

ii) Schema Optimized WordPress Theme

What is a Schema in SEO?

  Schema is an important factor in SEO.  Schema is a semantic vocabulary of tags,  a set of codes, that you can add to your HTML to improve the way search engines read and represent your page in SERPs

Why Schema is important In SEO?

   Schema helps your site page looks better in Search engine results. So it is more important to use a schema optimized wordpress theme for your site.

Affiliate Booster is 100% Schema Optimized Theme.

iii) Best Typography and Color controls

 Affiliate Booster has stunning typography and color settings. You can customize easily your site with different fonts and color, which gives a good look to your site.

iv) Disclaimer Option

   This is the best option given in this theme. You can add Affiliate Disclaimer above the Title or below the title or after the content area. You can Check My disclaimer on top this Article.

V) Author Bio control

 In Author Bio section you can write about yourself which can be seen below the articles. If you don’t want to keep Author Bio section you can easily disable or enable the option in customize section.

Vi) Mobile Responsive

 Now a day’s everyone is opening anything on internet with mobiles. So when someone open your site and looks it. It should be good and readable to users. It can be occur only through the mobile responsive theme. By using Google Search Console you can check the Mobile responsive of a theme.

Vii) Elementor and Gutenberg Compatible Theme

Affiliate Booster theme is 100% Elementor and Gutenberg Compatible Theme which gives you to add excellent conversion-optimized blocks.

Elementor is one of the best landing page builder. You can create any landing page with elementor .

Viii) Google SEO Score

  If your website properly SEO optimized then Search engine crawls and rank your site on top page. It brings huge traffic to your site.

The scoring is given between 0 to 99 . So Here I used Google Web.Dev to check the Score of Affiliate Booster theme .

My site got SEO Score as 98


Affiliate Booster Theme has different types of layouts, they are as follow:

 Header Layout

Home page Layout

Single Post Layout

Archive Layout

Disclosure Layout

404 Layout

i) Header Layout:

    Affiliate Booster has three different types of header layout. You can change any header layout with a single click.

Header 1 (Logo + Secondary Menu)

Header 2 (Centered Logo)

Header 3 (Logo + Banner)

ii) Home Page Layout:

   Affiliate Booster theme has seven homepage layouts. You can also select right or left options.

Homepage Layouts of Affiliate Booster theme are as follow

Homepage Layouts

Basic Layout
Basic Layout + Big Featured Image
Wide Featured Images
Grid Layout
Grid Layout + Big Featured Image
Full-width Featured Image
Full-width Grid Layout

iii) Single Post Layout

In Single Post you can enable or disable options like Featured Image, author bio, Breadcrums, You can Choose Title Inside or Outside Container. Here you have two layouts . Layout 1 and Layout 2.

iv) Disclosure Layout:

  Here in Disclosure layout you can add disclaimer of affiliate products. You can enable or disable this option.

Discloser Placement(For single post layout 1)

 Above Title

 Below Title

 Below Content

V) Footer Options

Affiliate Booster Have four columns in a footer menu and besides that you can also customize colors, fonts, height and Copyright Footer Code.

Vi) Custom Scripts

Here in custom scripts it have Header script and footer script, here you can add any code like adsense code.

Vii) Widget Options

Affiliate Booster these 10 widget options.

Widget options

Main Sidebar
Header Banner
Above Title Ads
Below Title Ads
After Content Area
Before Footer – for advertising
Footer Column 1
Footer Column 2
Footer Column 3
Footer Column 4

You can also use free version of Affiliate booster theme.

Affiliate Booster Plugin

Along with Affiliate Booster Theme it also have Plugin called as Affiliate Booster Plugin.

This Plugin is one of the most advanced plugin for Affiliate marketers. It is a Gutenberg plugin.

Affiliate Booster Plugin has Different types of Blocks. They are

Affiliate Booster plugin Blocks

Affiliate Booster plugin Blocks

Single Product
Pros and Cons
List Items
Comparison Table
Top Picked Product
Amazon API Module
Good Bad Features
Call to Action
Table of Content
Star Rating
Progress Bar

i) Single Product block

In Single Product Block you can give review on a single Product. It is one of the best block for Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Booster Theme

Best theme for affiliate Marketing

  • Schema Optimized
  • fast loading
  • Disclaimer Option
  • Author Biocontrol
  • Mobile Responsive

ii) Pros and Cons Block

In Pros and Cons block you can give a review of a product on its Pros and Cons.


  • Super Fast Loading
  •  Schema Optimized WordPress theme
  •  Best Typography controls
  • Excellent Color Controls
  • Disclaimer Option
  • Author Biocontrol
  • Mobile Responsive


  • nothing

iii) List Items Block

In this Block, you can list your Products as a single column, 2column, 3column with background color change.

iv) Notice Block

Here in this block, you can write an important notice which can help the reader’s attention towards the article. In this article, most of the blocks I used are Notice Block.

V) Comparison Table block

In Comparison Table you can add details price and product image of different types of products in a single table with a single click. This helps to consume the time.

Electric Triviac

Electric Triviac




Vi) Top Picked Product block

In Top picked product block you can give a review about a high product which increases the conversion rate.

Top Pick

AB Theme

AB Plugin

Best theme and Plugin for Affiliate marketing

Vii) Amazon API Module

By using this Amazon API module, In a single product block, we can grab live price, image, and ratings from amazon directly.

How to use Amazon API:

i. Go to the dashboard of the plugin and you can find the Amazon product advertising API on the top of the menu.

ii. Fill the details like API key, API secret, tracking Id and country.

iii. Besides that you can find the how to use amazon product shortcode. Use shortcode and change the ASIN code with your selected product. Now you can grab the live price, rating, and image of the product.

Viii) Good Bad Features block

In Good Bad Features block you can write good and bad things about the product, so the reader can understand the product in a better way.

AB Theme

The Good

  • Super fast Loading
  • Schema Optimized

The Bad

ix) Call to Action

With a single click you can add a Call to Action block with beautiful background color which will attract the readers.

x) Table of Content Block

There is no need to add a separate plugin for table of content, with Affiliate Booster plugin you can get table of content block. In AB Table of content you can add a beautiful table of content with different colors and different shapes.

Xi) AB Coupons Block

Here in AB Coupons Block You can add a coupon products with a beautiful description and activate deal.

Xii) Star Rating

Here in Star Rating Block you can give ratings for your products.

Xiii) Progress Bar block

Here in this block you can rate your product in Progress bar.

Xiv) Conclusion Block

Here in Conclusion block you can give a conclusion of your product with beautiful background color; this will attract your reader’s attention towards the product.

These are few blocks and there are more amazing blocks are going to come in the future from Affiliate Booster team.

Conclusion Of Affiliate Booster Theme Review

Affiliate Booster Theme Review

  • AB Theme and plugin


This is full details of Affiliate Booster theme Review. I think it will help you to use Affiliate Booster theme. If you are doing Affiliate marketing you have to use Affiliate Booster theme. I’m using Affiliate Booster theme on all my affiliate sites. So I recommend this theme for all affiliate marketers.
Last but not Least – It will be top most affiliate Theme in the future.